Servicing the City of Philadelphia & Surrounding Suburbs

About Us

Philadelphia Dairy is a woman owned small business with Philadelphia roots. The Clancy family has been servicing Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware stores, markets, restaurants, bakeries, and neighborhoods for over 30 years. 

Do you know where your milk comes from? We do!

We have teamed up with Clover Farms Dairy to deliver farm fresh dairy, eggs, orange juice, spring water, icy teas, and ice cream to the Philadelphia city and suburbs. Clover Farms Dairy is located in Reading, Pennsylvania, and is partnered with 170 farm families to produce quality, local dairy products. We buy local to ensure freshness and to support Pennsylvania farmers.

We also offer your family favorites in frozen desserts like Ben & Jerry’s, Talenti, Halo Top, Haagen Dazs, Turkey Hill, and classic novelties like Jack & Jill’s Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, the Nestlé’s Drumstick Cone, Snickers Ice Cream Bar, and the new Star Wars Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here at Philadelphia Dairy your grocery items are kept fresh and frozen in Company refrigerated vehicles to ensure your dairy products are cold and your ice cream arrives frozen.

Meet Your Milkman

What was once old is now new again! Remember the Milkman?

At Philadelphia Dairy we believe there is comfort in knowing ‘Who’s Knocking at Your Door.’ We are family operated and understand the importance of safety at home. Many family members and trustworthy employees are our Company's 'Modern Day Milkmen', and our hope is that you too become as familiar with your Milkman as we once did back in the 1950's. #MeetYourMilkman